Planting Milkweed Seeds

Planting the seeds are easy! Kindergartners do it and are successful so you can do it too. All you need are: the seeds, soil, container, water, and sunshine! Using a good organic soil is probably the best but a good potting soil will work just fine.

Put the soil into the container. (Note: You can start the seeds in a cup or in a pot.)

Poke a hole with your finger ONE KNUCKLE DEEP. This means the hole is only about 1/4" or so deep.
Put the seed in and cover it up with soil.
Water the soil and place the cup in full sun.

Keep the cup in a sunny location and keep it watered.
Within ten days, you should see a seedling germinate!

Please note that some Asclepias (milkweed) seeds will need to be cold-stratified before they can be planted. This means the
seeds have to be put into the refrigerator for a few weeks.

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