Found an egg! What do I do now?

Oh my! I found a Monarch egg! What do I do?

IF you have found yourself in this situation and you want to raise a Monarch caterpillar indoors, then there are a variety of things you can do. Here is one way to do it.

Get your Fiskar scissors and a container ready. If the container doesn't have holes in the lid, poke a few in the lid (from the INSIDE out!).

With scissors, carefully cut around the egg, leaving just a small amount of the leaf. Place the cut leaf and egg into the container. Watch for changes in the egg (about four days). The egg will change colour...a little dark spot will appear at the top of the egg. This is the caterpillar's head! Once you see this, place a leaf in the container as the caterpillar will soon hatch.After hatching, the caterpillar will first eat its eggshell then begin to look for food. Having the fresh leaf in there will be a great 'draw' for the little one. Soon, it will be munching away on the leaf. You can then throw away the little bit of leaf where the egg had been attached.

Now, you have your little 'babies' to raise!

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