Recycled Bottle Greenhouse: Faster seed germination!

Planting Asclepias curassavica is super easy BUT to get an even FASTER germination, try this method! You are guaranteed that your seeds will sprout at least five days faster!!!

plastic water or soda bottle (1.5 liter or larger) with cap; *No cap? See note below.
Asclepias curassavica seeds
sharp knife or scissors

*If you do not have a cap for the bottle, you will need chopsticks, a dowel, skewer, metal clothes hanger, or some other similar item

1. Clean the bottle. If you are using a water bottle then cleaning out the bottle isn't necessary.

2. With the sharp knife, poke several holes in the bottom of the bottle. These holes will be the drainage holes.
3. With the sharp knife or scissors, cut around the circumference of the bottle about 1/3 way down as shown in the picture. Do NOT cut all the way but leave enough so there is a little 'hinge.'
4. Fill the bottom of the bottle with soil all the way up to the edge. Plant the seeds 1/4" deep (one knuckle deep).

5. IF you do not have a bottle cap then use a chopstick or some other long item to keep the top half of the bottle to stay lowered.

6. Water the seeds and keep the bottle in a sunny location. Keep the seeds moist.

7. Germination should occur very soon as the heat contained within the bottle will encourage the seeds to grow at a faster rate!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you find that your plant has NOT germinated in five days, then the temperature inside your greenhouse may be too HOT! Take the lid off. That will help.

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